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Rebar steel, a blend word for reinforcing bar steel, is a common steel bar, an important component of reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. It is most often formed from mild steel, and is given ridges for better adhesiveness to concrete.

Concrete is very strong in compression, but has almost no strength in tension. To compensate for this inequity in concrete's behavior, rebar steel are placed into it to support the heavy loads.

Masonry structures and the mortar holding them together have close to the properties of concrete, and as well have a limited ability to carry a tensile load. Some masonry blocks and bricks are made with strategically placed spaces to allow for rebar steel, which is then grouted into place. This is what is known as reinforced masonry.

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* Rebar steel can also be made of stainless steel which is a special type of steel that won't corrode, rust and stain like ordinary steel. Stainless steel contains chromium. Stainless steel is often referred to as corrosion resistant steel, if the exact alloy type and grade is undefined . Different alloy types and grades all have different attributes, and it is therefore important to select the right alloy type and grade when you use stainless steel for delicate projects, such as on a construction site. Stainless steel rebar steel are popular building materials in anything from small facilities to large multiple story skyscrapers.

* Stainless steel reinforcing bars (rebar steel) and affiliated products are able to extend the shelf life of concrete structures in corrosive surroundings.

* Several grades of stainless steel compound favorable strength and toughness over a wide range of temperatures (including very high to very low temperatures). These physical properties are also good for resistance to earthquakes.

* Hiway parking garages, bridges, coastal structures and other constructs have all been built using stainless steel rebar steel.

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